THE WOODLANDS, Texas, Jan. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — CB&I (NYSE: CBI) today announced it has broken ground for the Lake Charles Power Station, a new natural gas-fired combined-cycle power plant for Entergy Corporation subsidiary Entergy Louisiana, LLC in Lake Charles, Louisiana. CB&I’s scope of work on the project includes the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning for the 994 megawatt plant, which features advanced-class turbines for the efficient production of clean power generation.

“The groundbreaking for this Lake Charles Power Station is a significant milestone as it marks the second of three identically designed power projects included in the strategic partnership framework between Entergy and CB&I,” said Patrick K. Mullen, CB&I’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “CB&I is proud to expand our strategic relationship with Entergy by building power generation plants that will provide clean, reliable and affordable power to the local community, while supporting local job growth for the surrounding area.”

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