Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium—The Carmeuse Group, a global company that manufactures and distributes lime, limestone and industrial sand products is joining its employees, customers, and associates in celebrating 150 years of service and success. Carmeuse manufactures a range of products that have, in one way or another, affected the lives of millions of people every day throughout that time. Founded in 1860 as a small, family run business in the lime manufacturing industry, Carmeuse has transformed into a worldwide leader with operations in 16 countries, over 94 production facilities, up to 4,600 employees, and an annual production of more than 48 million tons of finished products. Carmeuse’s presence in North America, including the U.S. and Canada, is based in Pittsburgh, PA, and covers 35 production facilities and 2,400 employees.

Through its 150 years of growth, Carmeuse has developed to service multiple industries and commercial applications including, steel making, non-ferrous metals, flue gas treatments for the power industry, water and
waste water treatments, road construction and land development, oil and gas drilling, the chemical industry, agricultural and farming products, glass manufacturing, paint manufacturing, and recreational industries.

Additionally, Carmeuse is positioned to support the economic growth of many business sectors on a worldwide basis. This is either through the supply of raw materials for manufacturing and environmental applications, or as a customer for heavy equipment, business systems and information technology. Carmeuse prides itself by employing quality professionals throughout the many functions within the company.
At the very core of Carmeuse’s traditions and ideals are its values of quality, responsibility, efficiency, respect and long term sustainability. It is because of these values that Carmeuse enjoys a reputation as an environmentally conscientious company with high regard for its neighbors and the communities it serves, as well as having a strong commitment to the safety and well-being of its greatest asset— its employees.

In celebration of this benchmark that honors the company’s dynamic history, growth, and success, Carmeuse is organizing a campaign that will run throughout 2010. Employees are participating in regional and local events to foster a presence in the communities around them. The headquarters office in Pittsburgh, PA has a group of runners and walkers participating in the Pittsburgh Half-Marathon on May 2nd. The company is organizing a worldwide concerted effort towards community outreach programs—particularly through the Carmeuse Foundation, an international outreach program founded by Carmeuse’s principles in Belgium, the Collinet family. Carmeuse is proud to feature the Carmeuse Foundation as an embodiment of its corporate values and testimony to the humanitarian spirit of its employees. The main impetus of the Carmeuse

Foundation during the 150 Year Celebration is to support educational channels for children in need. Funding for the Carmeuse Foundation comes from the Collinet family and is managed by the Foundation Roi Baudouin in Belgium. In Europe, the Belgium parent has led the 150 Year Celebration campaign by selecting two organizations to sponsor, the SolidarCite and Mille lieux de vie. In the U.S. and Canada, Carmeuse will select up to 7 organizations for financial sponsorship that meet the vision of the Foundation. Employees across the 8 diverse regions in which Carmeuse operates are encouraged to recommend organizations to receive support from the Foundation. Employees who are members of the local Carmeuse Foundation Selection Committees will evaluate charities who will be nominated
as recipients of the Carmeuse Foundation donations on an annual basis.

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