DARMSTADT, Germany (July 16, 2021) – Today Brüel & Kjær Vibro (B&K Vibro) is excited to announce a double product release – the latest versions of the Vibro Conditioning Monitoring (VCM-3) system and SETPOINT® CMS software. These latest releases maximize uptime by providing “out of the box” early diagnoses for a wide range of rotating assets.

VCM-3 provides a simple, yet scalable solution for detecting faults within rotating machinery. This system is ideal for improving a “walkaround” condition monitoring approach, which typically uses handheld devices to take periodic measurements to ensure that essential assets are proactively managed. VCM-3 provides continuous monitoring, giving back control to plant and delivering insights that allows users to manage issues – before they become a problem. VCM-3 has a customer base of thousands of monitoring systems and has been successfully watching over machines worldwide for many years. VCM-3 provides simple to deploy condition monitoring, using cutting-edge “descriptor” technology built on decades of expertise. As an optimal condition monitoring solution, it helps turn vibration into real business value.

SETPOINT® CMS has now been upgraded to connect with VCM-3 as an integrated system, providing a fully scalable condition monitoring system to cover a broad range of assets – from critical gas turbines to essential pumps, fans and gearboxes. With native connection to the OSIsoft® PI System®, users can now connect to either VC-8000 or VCM-3 hardware. SETPOINT® CMS delivers rich data to all plant users, allowing faster decisions to be reached – improving uptime.  Sharing data in a single repository means plant users can benefit from this data in the OSIsoft® PI System®.

Jonathan Fox, commercial platform leader at B&K Vibro, said, “Many customers who traditionally relied on walkaround programs to monitor plants have been dissatisfied with the infrequent data provided. Being “blind” to impending machinery issues can cause unexpected production losses. VCM-3, connected via SETPOINT® CMS, provides a cost-effective solution – 24 hours per day – to eliminate “holes” in condition monitoring data, and prevent unpleasant and unexpected stoppages.”