Paris – 9 December, 2010

As part of their ongoing cooperation, Alstom Grid and FGC UES have today signed an agreement for cooperation in research and development aimed at the modernization of the Russian electrical grid through the introduction of advanced “Smart Grid” technologies.

Under this agreement, the parties will establish an Alstom Grid – FGC conduct joint research activities in the Skolkovo technology zone of Moscow.

The research cooperation will focus on a variety of tasks intended to increase the efficiency, reliability and security of the Russian electrical grids, and will collaborate with a number of academic and scientific institutions.

This new agreement complements the existing partnership between Alstom Grid and OAO FGC UES, which covers both technical and production process advancements for products such as high and ultra-high voltage power transformers, gas and air-insulated substations, high voltage direct current transmission (HVDC), Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS), and automation solutions.

“We are delighted with this latest step forward in Alstom Grid’s close collaboration with FGC , which will help develop the Russian Smart Grid. It is thanks to their strong support over the last two months that we have established joint working groups to exchange on electrical grid technologies and that we are addressing possibilities for further localisation of the production of Alstom Grid’s equipment in Russia,” commented Gerhard Seyrling, Senior Vice President Innovation and Strategy at Alstom Grid.

Today, FGC and Alstom have significant experience in electrical equipment and its operation, innovative technologies for grid management, and in the development of new systems for their use. The sharing of information and joint research will help make optimal use of the scientific and technical potential of both businesses and contribute positively to the development of power systems both in Russia and France,” added the President of FGC UES, Oleg Budarguin.