Phosphate Analyzer for High-Pressure Boilers

The new Navigator 600 phosphate analyzer from ABB Instrumentation greatly reduces the amount of reagents and maintenance associated with phosphate monitoring while providing high accuracy and reliability. Designed for phosphate-dosed high-pressure boilers in the power generation industry, the Navigator 600 phosphate analyzer provides accurate monitoring of phosphate concentrations (0 to 15 ppm PO4) in a single device. The analyzer is available in single- or multi-stream configurations, enabling up to six streams to be monitored sequentially. It provides current loop, Ethernet, and optional Profibus DP V1 outputs. The phosphate analyzer also uses one-tenth of the reagents consumed by competitive units. A carefully designed wet section reduces maintenance and adds remote management, automatic calibration, zeroing, and cleaning. As a result, the analyzer can operate unattended for three months. (