New Products (December 2013)

Heat Recovery Economizer Rising energy costs necessitate new ideas and techniques for heat recovery—such as the Hitec Economizer from GEA Heat Exchangers. It is designed for equipping or retrofitting gas turbines and boilers, as well as a wide range of industrial processes where heat recovery can be achieved. A special feature of the Hitec Economizer is the corrosion- and temperature-resistant Polual shield on the finned tubes of the heat exchangers. These finned tubes can be manufactured from inexpensive, light metal (aluminum) but can be employed for temperatures up to 200C (392F). Until now, finned tubes made of considerably more expensive stainless steel were commonly used for such temperatures. In addition, stainless steel has lower heat conductivity than does light metal, which reduces operational efficiency. (
Eddy Current Testing Instruments Nondestructive testing technology company UniWest has announced the launch of the EddyView family of three new portable eddy current testing instruments. The line of new instruments, Prime, Pro, and Premium, is designed to match the technical functionality and price of eddy current instruments from the most basic to the most sophisticated. The product line was developed in response to market demand for a wider selection of application-specific features in portable eddy current testing instruments.  All three of the new instruments are built on the same high-signal to low-noise technology platform, and these instruments are readily available. (
Bearing Fault Detector Vibration SensorIMI Sensors has launched the Bearing Fault Detector PLUS, which is a new sensor designed to monitor rolling element bearings and provide a sensitive 4–20 mA signal to plant monitoring and control systems for early alarming of faults. The new model 649A03 contains an accelerometer and transmitter in a single housing with multiple specialized outputs. When used with a control system, these outputs provide an early warning of bearing defects such as cracked races, brinelling, looseness, and spalling. Ideal for applications requiring continuous monitoring, the 649A03 is specifically designed for sensitivity to high-frequency vibrations in rolling element bearings, which indicate the early stages of wear and damage. (

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