Improved Tungsten Electrode Grinder

Tungsten inert gas and plasma welding require tungsten electrodes with perfectly ground and polished tips. The improved Techweld TEG – 3 Tungsten Electrode Grinder, from British company Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd. uses a diamond wheel to grind tungsten electrodes longitudinally and produce the same tungsten points every time. This prevents arc flicker or wander caused by circumferential lines or ridges found on electrodes that have been ground circumferentially.

Tungsten electrodes with diameters of 1.6 mm to 4 mm can be ground as standard, but the TEG-3 will also grind tungsten electrodes of up to 6 mm diameter without stalling or burning out the motor. The self-contained unit now also incorporates a 5- to 7-micron dust-collector. (

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