Explosion-Proof Carted LED Light

Larson Electronics’ unveiled a wheeled, cart-mounted explosion-proof LED light with swivel mounting. Designed for versatility and easy light placement, the EPLCD-48-100LED Explosion Proof Low Profile LED Light provides the convenience of a wheeled car-mounted lighting system combined with the versatility of a swivel-mounted lamp. This LED light provides high output and the ability to easily maneuver and angle the lamp assembly for better illumination of areas not easily reached with standard cart lights. The system offers operators in hazardous locations a powerful lighting solution that can be easily maneuvered around the work area and positioned for the best coverage possible. Its swivel mounting bracket design allows operators to roll the light into position and then flip or angle the lamp assembly for the best coverage of the workspace. The lamp assembly on this cart is a 100-W LED design that produces 7,000 lumens of high-quality white light; it also has 100,000-hour rated service life. (

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