New Pig Corp. launched the “PIG UV-Resistant Spill Kit in a 95-Gallon Container” as an easy oil-spill clean-up solution to large outdoor spills. Suitable for outdoor use and storage, the PIG UV-Resistant Spill Kit is nontransparent, providing superior protection of absorbent contents from UV degradation during long-term storage outdoors. The container includes enough PIG oil-absorbent mats, booms, and oil-absorbing pillows to absorb up to 40 gallons of oil without taking on any water. A leak-proof, twist-on lid and lift-out baskets ensure that the oil-absorbent mats inside of the container are dry, organized, and easy to access in the event of a spill-response emergency. The kit also features integrated ledges, allowing it to be easily moved via forklift. (