Skirtboard sealing systems are installed on the sides of belt conveyor loading zones to contain material, eliminate spillage, and reduce cleanup expenses. The new Double APRON SEAL Skirting system from Martin Engineering provides two wear surfaces on a single elastomer-sealing strip that’s installed along the bottom of the skirt board. When the bottom side of the strip against the belt is worn, the sealing strip is inverted, providing a second service life.

The system incorporates a primary seal clamped to the steel skirt board to keep lumps on the belt and a secondary or "outrigger" strip to capture any fines or dust that passes beneath the primary seal. The secondary seal lies gently on the belt and self-adjusts to maintain consistent strip-to-belt pressure, even during high-speed material movement and fluctuations in the belt’s line of travel. Available at lengths of up to 300 feet, the Double APRON SEAL Skirting system can be installed using existing clamps as a replacement for previous APRON SEAL Skirting systems or other skirt board sealing systems. (