Advanced Generator Set for Distributed, CHP Generation

Caterpillar introduced the G3512E, an advanced natural gas–fueled generator set that was designed for maximum efficiency in extended-duty distributed generation and combined heat and power (CHP) applications. Driven by a Caterpillar electronically controlled, lean-burn gaseous-fueled reciprocating engine, the G3512E generator set offers high power density and fuel efficiency while maintaining tight NOx control. It provides flexibility to operate on pipeline natural gas with a wide range of methane numbers without sacrificing efficiency and performance, and it delivers up to 41.7% ISO electrical efficiency without water pumps, Caterpillar claims.

The generator set operates at 50 Hz/1,500 rpm with Miller Combustion Cycle, is rated at 1,000 kW, and has a standard NOx emissions rating of 500 mg/NM3 at a separate circuit aftercooler inlet water temperature of 54C. (

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