POWER magazine’s parent company, Access Intelligence LLC, on Monday announced the purchase of two conference-based tradeshow events from Technology Systems Corp.: Offshore Communications, a conference dedicated to the business of providing communications services and technology to the ocean industry, and EnergyOcean, focusing on the activities offshore to develop sustainable energy sources for the future of civilization.

The two shows are owned by Stuart, Florida-based Technology Systems Corp., a subsidiary of Continental Shelf Associates Inc. Continental Shelf Associates is a multi-disciplinary holding company that owns several companies serving the ocean industry. In addition to Offshore Communications and EnergyOcean, TSC publishes Ocean News & Technology and Offshore Source magazines.

“When first approached by AI, we had no intention of divesting our Offshore Communications and Energy Ocean events. However, over time we came to understand that AI had the capability to take the events to another level, benefiting our loyal customers while also generating new opportunities for both of our companies. We’re extremely impressed with the style and professionalism of the management team at AI, and are excited about a long and fruitful relationship between our organizations,” said Kevin Peterson, CEO of Continental Shelf Associates.

The acquisition of EnergyOcean marks Access Intelligence’s continued investment in the energy market and is its first acquisition in the burgeoning renewable energy marketplace.

Don Pazour, president and CEO of Access Intelligence, said: “AI has had a long-standing relationship with Offshore Communications and has spent time over the last year getting to know Kevin Peterson, and persuading him that AI’s tradeshow expertise and broader market connections will accelerate the growth of both shows. As we have gotten to know the creators of these events, their deep knowledge and vision for the served markets convinced us to keep a very strong link with the company going forward, drawing on their market expertise and connections combined with our trade show marketing and operations know-how to create super robust events for our customers.”

Offshore Communications joins Access Intelligence’s Satellite group, which includes market-leading brands such as Via Satellite, SATELLITE 2009 tradeshow, Satellite News, Communications Technology, IP Satellite Summit and SatelliteToday.com, all under the leadership of Divisional President Paul McPherson.

EnergyOcean will be a part of Access Intelligence’s expansive Energy portfolio, which publishes The Energy Daily newsletter, POWER magazine, the ELECTRIC POWER tradeshow, The Clean Energy Update, and Energydaily.com, under the leadership of Divisional President Heather Farley.

Source: Access Intelligence press release