A Wireless Cellular Controller

Xenon has introduced the T925 Wireless Cellular Controller for connecting remote sites with central control and monitoring stations through cellular networks. A T925 remote communications network eliminates the need to make hardwired Ethernet connections to the Internet or an intranet at each remote site and the central control and monitoring station. The network operates from any location worldwide with cellular coverage.

The T925 allows end users, machine and skid builder original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), remote terminal unit and supervisory control and data acquisition OEMs, security monitoring system OEMs, and other firms to monitor and control their automation and monitoring systems through the cellular network at sites thousands of miles away. Typical applications include pipelines, pump stations and electrical substations. The T925 can be connected to a variety of components at a remote site and accept up to seven Ethernet inputs as well as four digital inputs, four analog inputs, and two temperature inputs. (

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