A Review of Global Power-to-Gas Projects To Date [INTERACTIVE]

According to experts from Technical University of Applied Sciences (OTH) in Regensburg, Germany, who recently reviewed the world’s existing power-to-gas (P2G) hydrogen and methane projects, about 143 P2G projects have operated since 1988 in 22 countries. Only 56 hydrogen and 38 methanation projects were active in 2019. While the existing fleet mostly comprises pilot or demonstration projects under 1 MW, nearly 45% of these projects fed or planned to feed gas into the grid or reconvert it into power or heat. See POWER magazine’s in-depth analysis, “Why Power-to-Gas May Flourish in a Renewables-Heavy World,” in the December 2019 issue. 

Global review of power-to-gas projects
About 143 #power-to-gas projects producing #hydrogen and/or #methane have operated since 1988 in 22 countries. Most were pilots or demonstration projects under 1 MW—but that may be about to change. Click on graphic to access interactive infographic.. Source: Technical University of Applied Sciences (OTH)/POWER magazine

Existing Power-to-Gas Projects Worldwide as of September 2019

Project name Country City Product Grid Injection  Year Power (MWe) Methanation Type
Continuous CH4 Production from H2 and CO2 Japan Higashi-Hiroshima CH4 No 1988 No record Biological
Methane production from synthesis gas United States Fayetteville CH4 No 1991 No record Biological
PHOEBUS Germany Jülich H2 No 1993 0.026 No record
Solar-Wasserstoff-Projekt Germany Neunburg vorm Wald H2 No 1996 0.3 No record
SAPHYS Project Italy Rome H2 No 1997 0.005 No record
PVFCSYS Sophia Antipolis France Antibes H2 No 2000 0.004 No record
Grimstad Renewable Energy Park Norway Grimstad H2 No 2000 0.05 No record
Laboratory Plant HRI Canada Quebec H2 No 2001 0.005 No record
HyFLEET:CUTE Netherlands Amsterdam H2 No 2003 0.4 No record
HyFLEET:CUTE Spain Barcelona H2 No 2003 0.4 No record
HyFLEET:CUTE Germany Hamburg H2 No 2003 0.4 No record
Laboratory Plant IFE Kjeller Norway Kjeller H2 No 2003 0.002 No record
HyFLEET:CUTE Sweden Stockholm H2 No 2003 0.4 No record
PVFCSYS Agrate Italy Agrate H2 No 2004 0.003 No record
DTE Energy Hydrogen TechNorwaylogy Park United States Southfield H2 No 2004 0.16 No record
Continuous methane fermentation Japan Tsukuba CH4 No 2004 No record Biological
Utsira Norway Utsira Island H2 No 2004 0.048 No record
PURE UK Baltasound H2 No 2005 No record No record
RES2H2 Greek site Greece Keratea H2 No 2005 0.025 No record
Sotavento experimental wind farm Spain Sotavento H2 No 2005 0.288 No record
Hydrogen Energy Storage System Japan Takasago H2 No 2005 0.028 No record
Nakskov Industrial & Energy Park Lolland Denmark Nakskov H2 No 2007 0.005 No record
RES2H2 Spanish site Spain Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria H2 No 2007 0.055 No record
ECTOS Iceland Reykjavik H2 No record 2007 0.3 No record
IRENE System Canada Victoria H2 No 2007 0.006 No record
Ameland Netherlands Ameland Island H2 Yes 2008 0.009 No record
CymruH2Wales project UK Baglan near Swansea CH4 Yes 2008 0.049 No record
H2 from the Sun Italy Brunate H2 No 2008 0.011 No record
Hychico Hydrogen Plant Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia H2 No 2008 0.7 No record
HyDePark Turkey Gebze H2 No 2008 0.007 No record
HaRi UK Longhborough H2 No 2008 0.034 No record
Hidrolica Spain Tahivilla H2 No 2008 0.041 No record
Stand-alone power system Greece Xanthi H2 No 2008 0.004 No record
CO2-Recycling via reaction with hydrogen United States Reno CH4 Yes 2009 0.005 Chemical
SolarFuel-Alpha 1st site Germany Stuttgart CH4 No 2009 0.025 Chemical
Wind-Hydrogen Village PEI Canada Tignish H2 No 2009 0.3 No record
HARP System Bella Coola Canada Bella Coola H2 No 2010 0.32 No record
Wind2H2 United States Boulder H2 No 2010 0.033 No record
H2KT Greenland Nuuk H2 No 2010 0.098 No record
SolarFuel-Alpha 2nd site Germany Werlte CH4 Yes 2010 0.025 Chemical
Hydrogen Island Bozcaada Turkey Bozcaada H2 No 2011 0.055 No record
CHIC Switzerland Brugg/Aargau H2 No 2011 0.3 No record
Towards the Methane Society, Phase 1 Denmark Midtjylland-Region CH4 Yes 2011 No record Chemical
SolarFuel-Alpha 3rd site Germany Morbach CH4 No 2011 0.025 Chemical
Hybridkraftwerk Prenzlau Germany Prenzlau H2 Yes 2011 0.6 No record
Methanisierung am Eichhof, SolarFuel-Alpha 4th sItalye Germany Bad Hersfeld CH4 No 2012 0.025 Chemical
HyCube MYRTE France Corsica H2 No 2012 0.05 No record
H2 Forschungszentrum CottbUnited States Germany Cottbus H2 No 2012 0.145 No record
H2Move Germany Freiburg H2 No 2012 0.04 No record
Ramea Wind-Hydrogen-Diesel (WHD) Project Canada Ramea H2 No 2012 0.162 No record
REG-Technikum Germany Stuttgart CH4 No 2012 0.25 Chemical
Biocatalytic methanation Germany Cottbus CH4 No 2013 No record Biological
GRHYD France Dunkerque H2 Yes 2013 No record No record
PtG-Etzel Germany Etzel H2 Yes 2013 6 No record
El-Opgraderet Biogas Denmark Foulum CH4 Yes 2013 0.04 Chemical
P2G-Foulum Project Denmark Foulum CH4 No 2013 0.025 Biological
RH2-WKA Germany Grapzow H2 Yes 2013 1 No record
H2-Tankstelle HafenCity Germany Hamburg H2 No 2013 0.96 No record
H2Herten Germany Herten H2 No 2013 0.16 No record
designetz Pilotanlage Ibbenbüren Germany Ibbenbüren H2 Yes 2013 0.15 No record
MeGa-stoRE 1 Denmark Lemvig CH4 Yes 2013 No record Chemical
CO2RRECT Germany Niederauβem CH4 Yes 2013 0.1 Chemical
PUSHY OSSHY France No record H2 No record 2013 0.06 No record
Forschungsanlage am Technikum Germanys PFI Germany Pirmasens CH4 No 2013 No record Biological
P2G Project Netherlands Rozenburg CH4 Yes 2013 0.008 Chemical
PtG am Eucolino Germany Schwandorf CH4 No 2013 0.108 Biological
e-Gas-Anlage Werlte Germany Werlte CH4 Yes 2013 6 Chemical
w2h Austria Auersthal H2 Yes 2014 0.1 No record
H2BER Multi-Energie-Tankstelle Germany Berlin H2 No 2014 0.5 No record
PtG Berlin-Schöneberg Germany Berlin H2 Yes 2014 0.007 No record
Thüga Strom zu Gas Plattform Germany Frankfurt H2 Yes 2014 0.3 No record
Forschungsanlage Germanyr DVGW-Forsch.-stelle am EBI Germany Karlsruhe CH4 No 2014 No record Chemical
GermanymoSNG (2nd site) Germany Karlsruhe CH4 Yes 2014 0.006 Chemical
SYMBIO Denmark Lyngby CH4 No 2014 No record Biological
Energiepark Mainz Germany Mainz H2 Yes 2014 6 No record
Power-to-Gas (for energy storage purposes) Canada Ontario H2 Yes 2014 0.005 No record
GermanymoSNG (1st site) Sweden Stockholm CH4 Yes 2014 0.006 Chemical
P2G-Elektrolyse zur AEL-Erforschung Germany Stuttgart H2 No 2014 0.37 No record
Ingrid FCH JU project Italy Troia/Puglia H2 No 2014 1 No record
W2P2G Netherlands Wijster CH4 Yes 2014 0.4 Chemical
HydrogenBusProject UK Aberdeen H2 No 2015 1 No record
Agerbæk/Helle-Project Denmark Agerbæk and Helle H2 Yes 2015 0.006 No record
BioPower2Gas Germany Allendorf (Eder) CH4 Yes 2015 0.3 Biological
GICON-Großtechnikum Germany Cottbus CH4 No 2015 No record Biological
PtG-Emden Germany Emden CH4 Yes 2015 0.312 Biological
WindGas Falkenhagen Germany Falkenhagen CH4 Yes 2015 2 Biological
Power-2-Hydrogen-Tankstelle Germany Hamburg H2 No 2015 0.18 No record
WindGas Hamburg Germany Hamburg H2 Yes 2015 1 No record
Demonstrationsanlage Hanau Germany Hanau H2 No 2015 0.03 No record
RENOVGAS Project Spain Jerez de la Frontera CH4 Yes 2015 0.015 Chemical
HELMETH Germany Karlsruhe CH4 Yes 2015 0.008 Chemical
PUSHY LASHY France No record H2 No record 2015 0.065 No record
Underground Sun Storage Austria Pilsbach H2 Yes 2015 0.6 No record
Energiepark Pirmasens-Winzeln Germany Pirmasens CH4 Yes 2015 2.5 Biological
SolarFuel-Alpha 5th site Switzerland Rapperswil CH4 No 2015 0.025 Chemical
Stromlückenfüller Germany Reußenköge H2 Yes 2015 0.2 No record
EXYTRON Demonstrationsanlage Germany Rostock CH4 No 2015 0.021 Chemical
Mikrobielle Methanisierung Germany Schwandorf CH4 Yes 2015 0.275 Biological
HYPOS: localhy Germany Sonneberg H2 Yes 2015 0.075 No record
Komplexlabor FH Stralsund Germany Stralsund H2 No 2015 0.02 No record
Biogasbooster Germany Straubing CH4 No 2015 No record Biological
Wasserstofftankstelle Stuttgart Talstraβe Germany Stuttgart H2 No 2015 0.4 No record
RENERG2 Switzerland Villigen CH4 No record 2015 0.1 Chemical
BioPower2Gas-Erweiterung Germany Allendorf (Eder) CH4 Yes 2016 No record Biological
Exytron Zero-Emission-Wohnpark Germany Alzey CH4 No 2016 0.063 Chemical
Smart Grid Solar Germany Arzberg H2 No 2016 0.075 No record
Erstes Energieautarkes HaUnited States der Welt Switzerland Brütten H2 No 2016 0.015 No record
Smart Power Farm UK Cheshire H2 Yes 2016 0.005 No record
Biologische Methanisierung in Rieselbettreaktoren Germany Garching CH4 No 2016 No record Biological
WindGas Haβfurt Germany Haβfurt H2 Yes 2016 1.25 No record
Biocatalytic methanation of hydrogen and carbon dioxiGermany in a fixed bed bioreactor Finland Helsinki CH4 No 2016 No record Biological
Einsatz Germanyr biologischen Methanisierung […] Germany Hohenheim CH4 No 2016 No record Biological
SoCalGas-UCI United States Irvine H2 No record 2016 0.007 No record
Laborreaktor am Fraunhofer IWES Germany Kassel CH4 No 2016 No record No record
BioCat Project Denmark Kopenhagen/Avedore CH4 Yes 2016 1 Biological
bioCONNECT Germany Lemgo CH4 Yes 2016 No record No record
HyFive London 1 UK London H2 No 2016 0.1 No record
HyFive London 2 UK London H2 No 2016 0.1 No record
RSOC-Anlage Boeing United States San Diego H2 No 2016 0.15 No record
Biological biogas upgrading in a trickle-bed reactor Austria Tulln/Donau CH4 No 2016 No record Biological
Direktmethanisierung von Biogas Germany Bad Hersfeld CH4 Yes 2017 0.05 Chemical
High-Performance Biogas Upgrading United States Durham CH4 No 2017 No record Biological
SoCalGas-NREL United States Golden CH4 Yes 2017 0.25 Biological
H2ORIZON Germany Lampoldshausen H2 No 2017 1 No record
HyFive London 3 UK London H2 No 2017 0.1 No record
MINERVE France Minerve CH4 No record 2017 No record Chemical
GrInHy Germany Salzgitter H2 No 2017 0.15 No record
COSYMA Switzerland Zürich/Werdhölzli CH4 Yes 2017 No record Chemical
Jupiter 1000 France Fos-sur-Mer CH4 Yes 2018 1 No record
MeGa-stoRE 2 Denmark Heden CH4 Yes 2018 0.25 Chemical
HyBalance Denmark Hobro H2 No 2018 1.25 No record
Power-to-Flex Netherlands/Germany No record CH4 No record 2018 No record Biological
ORBIT 1st site Germany Regensburg CH4 No 2018 No record Biological
Store&Go-Project, Hybridwerk Aarmatt Switzerland Solothurn/Zuchwil CH4 Yes 2018 0.35 Biological
MicroPyros GmbH Germany Weilheim-Schongau CH4 Yes 2018 0.25 Biological
PtG-Anlage Grenzach-Whylen Germany Whylen H2 No 2018 1 No record
HyDeploy UK Newcastle under Lyme H2 Yes 2019 0.5 No record

Sonal Patel is a POWER senior associate editor (@sonalcpatel, @POWERmagazine)

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