A showcase of winners of POWER magazine’s highest accolade over the past decade (2017 to 2006). If you think your plant or project compares to these winners, submit a nomination form for the 2017 Plant of the Year or Top Plant awards to POWER‘s editors before the April 13 deadline.

POWER magazine, which turned 135 years old this year, has honored the top performers in the electricity generating industry for more than four decades. Facilities recognized by POWER‘s Plant of the Year and Top Plant awards have typically distinguished themselves by implementing innovative design or engineering upgrades, producing power more reliably or economically than comparable plants, or demonstrating a new generation or environmental controls technology.

To recognize achievements catering to recent shifting priorities in the business and technology of power generation, POWER also now recognizes projects that creatively solve problems, demonstrate leadership in water/wastewater stream management, and use outstanding data-rich technologies—via the Reinvention Award (previously Marmaduke Award), Water Award, and Smart Grid Award.

The application deadline for 2018 awards is April 13, 2018. Use the links below to download nomination forms for 2018. All nominated projects must be in commercial operation by the nomination deadline of April 13, 2018. For more information or to see former Top Plant award winners, see our POWER Awards page. 

Here, we showcase winners of our highest accolade, Plant of the Year, over the past decade (2017 to 2006).

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2010—Luminant's Oak Grove Power Plant

Luminant used remnants of the ill-fated Twin Oaks and Forest Grove plants (which were mothballed more than 30 years ago) to build the new two-unit 1,600-MW Oak Grove Plant. Though outfitted with equipment from those old plants, Oak Grove also sports an array of modern air quality control equipment and is the nation’s first 100% lignite-fired plant to adopt selective catalytic reduction for NOx control and activated carbon sorbent injection technology to remove mercury. For melding two different steam generators into a single project, adopting a unique and efficient “push-pull” fuel delivery system, assembling a tightly integrated team that completed the project on time and within budget, and for completing what was started almost four decades ago, Oak Grove Power Plant is awarded POWER magazine’s 2010 Plant of the Year award.

Older Plant of the Year award winners include:

2005—Southern California Public Power Authority’s Magnolia Power Project

2004—Reliant Energy’s Seward Project

2003—Constellation Energy’s High Desert Power Plant

2002—JEA’s Northside CFB Repowering Project

2001—PacifiCorp’s Klamath Cogeneration Project

2000—ATCO Power’s Poplar Hill Facility and Associated Electric Cooperative Inc.’s St. Francis Station

1999—Trigen Energy Corp./Cogeneration Corp. of America’s Grays Ferry Cogeneration Facility, Florida Power & Light’s Turkey Point Nuclear Plant, TXU Electric & Gas/York Research Corp.’s Big Spring Wind Facility, and Minergy Corp.’s Fox Valley Glass Aggregate Facility.

Sonal Patel is a POWER associate editor (@sonalcpatel, @powermag.com)