Single-Channel Benchtop Optical Meter

Newport Corp. introduced the 1928-C Single-Channel Benchtop Optical Meter, a compact and versatile power meter that provides an affordable alternative to customers looking for a single-channel benchtop energy/power measurement tool. The new model interfaces with all of Newport’s photodiode detectors, thermopiles, and pyroelectric detectors. It has the capability of measuring from 11 pW up to 20 kW of optical power and from 7 uJ to 20 kJ of pulse energy. The fast 100 kHz sampling rate ensures that the pulse measurements are accurate and any real fluctuations in continuous wave power are not ignored.

Newport’s new meter incorporates various filtering options to make the reading more stable. Advanced features include highly visible color display, graphing, strip chart display, statistics, data storage via internal memory or USB flash drive, and an analog output interface. Notably, this meter does not have an internal fan to cool the instrument, a distinct advantage in applications where the vibration of a fan motor could interfere with stability in an experimental setup. (

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