Watertown, Mass. U.S.A — November 19, 2019 — United Electric Controls (UE), a leading producer of safety, alarm and emergency shutdown technology, is demonstrating its line of smart switches for power industry applications. This includes its One Series electronic pressure and temperature switches with optional 4-20 mA output that replace electromechanical switches, and its One Series Field Safety SystemTM for safety-critical applications.

“The power industry has relied on United Electric Controls electromechanical switch products for more than 80 years and now, as plants look to upgrade equipment for plant optimization, they are asking us for smarter devices with increased reliability and diagnostics. Our One Series provides that along with the ability to migrate seamlessly from electromechanical switches to smart switching using, without disturbing their legacy wiring infrastructure,” said Dave Wilbur, General Manager of United Electric Controls.

UE’s One Series smart switches reduce operating risk while increasing system reliability for general temperature and pressure switching applications. They integrate onboard intelligence, a gage, and transmitter in a rugged, Division 1-certified enclosure and can replace electromechanical switches using existing wiring within legacy systems.

UE’s One Series Field Safety SystemTM, provides smart switching for critical safety applications. This all-in-one solution could save operators up to 75% of the installed cost of a traditional safety system for a single safety function by eliminating wiring and commissioning a separate logic solver, relay, and trip amp. The One Series Field Safety system is certified for SIL 2 functional safety applications and is SIL 3 capable when augmented by redundancy and voting logic. Secure field programming provides cybersecurity.

About United Electric Controls
United Electric Controls (UE,) a privately held corporation founded in 1931 and headquartered in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA, is a global supplier of toxic and combustible WirelessHART gas detectors, electronic switches, pressure and temperature switches, transmitters, sensors and controls for the process, discrete, semiconductor, aerospace and defense industries. Focused on protecting equipment, processes, personnel and the environment, our products are critical for safety, alarm and emergency shutdown functions with uncompromising quality produced from innovative design and superior lean manufacturing.