Gelsenkirchen / Germany, December 2020

By 2024, POSCO Energy of South Korea will have constructed a new coal-fired power station with two 1,050 MW generating units, in Samcheok in the north-east of the country. SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH of Gelsenkirchen, Germany will supply four Semi-Portal Reclaimers to Doosan Engineering & Construction for the project.

SCHADE Semi-Portal Reclaimer during commissioning (example). Courtesy: SCHADE

With this power plant project, “SC bluepower”, POSCO Energy wants to set new standards in terms of impact on the environment. The emissions regulations of the South Korean government are very strict in comparison with most other countries of the world but this new plant, which will be built in a former limestone quarry, will be even more eco-friendly. In addition to other measures planned, dust emissions are to be reduced by almost 100%. A contributory factor will be the completely enclosed coal storage in which the SCHADE Semi-Portal Reclaimers will operate.

The four identical machines ordered have a reclaim capacity of 1,500 tph each, and their rail span is 57 m. The overall storage capacity at Samcheok is for 700,000 t of bituminous and sub-bituminous coals.

Supply of the SCHADE Semi-Portal Reclaimers will start in early 2021 and continue in successive stages until October. Installation is planned for 2022 and the test run for 2023. Before the Reclaimers are shipped to South Korea, Doosan Engineering & Construction will carry out extensive acceptance procedures at the SCHADE production facilities, including intensive tests on the machinery components.

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