Press Release

Sentient Energy Brings Analytics to More Utilities with New Ample 7.0 Grid Analytics Platform and MM3ai Line Sensors

Frisco, Texas (January 19, 2023) — Sentient Energy, the leading provider of intelligent line sensors and grid analytics solutions for the distribution grid, today announced the next generation of Ample 7.0, its industry-leading grid analytics platform, and the MM3ai line sensors system. Offered in a bundle called the MM3ai System, the solution utilizes a proprietary AI-driven analytics module that automatically informs operators of impending outages via daily dashboards and alerts. In addition, Ample 7.0’s advanced architecture enables new flexible deployment models and turnkey integration capabilities to allow utilities to securely integrate distribution grid data with SCADA or other utility management platforms. The new solutions enhance utility operators’ ability to reduce line failures and power outages with accurate predictions of faults in their distribution grid.

“These major advancements to both our analytics platform and our overhead line sensors bring the industry’s most advanced predictive analytics to bear for more customers,” said Bob Karschnia, CEO and President of Sentient Energy. “The AI within our proprietary cloud-based analytics module delivers actionable insights of impending failures via intuitive daily dashboards, helping operators avoid costly outages. These innovative solutions, offered in a cost-effective bundle called the MM3ai System, will put advanced analytics within reach for more utilities at an attractive price point.”

AI-Driven Insights

The Ample 7.0 analytics platform deciphers and prioritizes distribution line data from any grid location. The MM3ai System bundle includes new MM3ai overhead line sensors, which gather extremely accurate feeder data at targeted locations, and the new Ample software, which aggregates sensor data for visualization and integration with utility operations systems. Disturbance data from the sensors is passed from Ample into Sentient Energy’s proprietary analytics module, which then applies artificial intelligence models to accurately identify, categorize, and report precursor anomalies that indicate impending faults. The system provides a daily report that identifies feeder segments with high rates of these precursor anomalies, giving operators the precise information needed to detect and prevent line failures and power outages. For the first time, utilities can now gain:

  • More complete visibility of feeder system activity by location
  • Greater reliability through predictive analytic indicators
  • The ability to validate predictions with field outage results
  • Predictive analytics capabilities with lower upfront investment
  • Flexible deployment capabilities for simplified integration of line sensor data with OT systems and analytics modules
  • Simplified grid management and monitoring at scale

Ample 7.0 is designed to support the efficient deployment and maintenance of line sensor fleets of any size, up to 50,000 end points. A new architecture enables Ample’s applications and services to be self-healing and configured to run in parallel on multiple instances for built-in redundancy. Ample also supports disaster recovery by configuring the solution to run in multiple computing networks that include servers in different physical locations. The system is protected by a zero-trust authorization security framework to ensure data between sensors and Ample is always protected. In addition, upgrades to the Ample Sensor Gateway can be applied with zero downtime.

Hybrid cloud and on-premises deployment allows utilities to take advantage of cloud security, high availability, and performance for analytics while integrating sensor data with on-premises utility operations systems.

Sophisticated grid management capabilities make it possible to bring sensors online and remotely keep them current with the latest software versions. The software platform leverages a unique auto-phase detection algorithm that validates conductor phasing using high-resolution data sampling from grid sensors.

Ample 7.0 also features a data concentrator for easy integration of sensor data such as event sequence, load logs, oscillography, and line disturbances into utilities’ SCADA system via the secure embedded Key Management System in the software.

“As utilities incorporate more grid analytics into operations, software deployment flexibility becomes increasingly important. Ample 7.0 is state-of-the-art line sensing software that enables utilities to securely integrate analytics modules running in the cloud with on-premises utility operations systems, paving the way for more data-driven grid management strategies.” concluded Mr. Karschnia.

To learn more about how Sentient Energy helps utilities respond effectively to grid events and predict outages before they occur, visit the Sentient Energy website.