Press Release

LS Power to Acquire Natural Gas Power Plant From ArcLight Capital Partners

NEW YORK, New York (June 23, 2022) — LS Power today announced that it has reached an agreement with an affiliate of ArcLight Capital Partners, LLC to acquire the Rolling Hills natural gas-fired power plant in Wilkesville, Ohio.

The 835-megawatt facility consists of five simple cycle “peaking” units located in the PJM Interconnection. The transaction is expected to close in late Q3 2022.

“Rolling Hills will join LS Power’s fleet of flexible gas-fired generation, a portfolio of assets with the dynamic ramping attributes critical to a successful clean energy transition,” said Nathan Hanson, President of LS Power Generation.

“Our flexible generation assets perform a vital and complementary service in the energy transition; namely, keeping the lights on when renewable resources are unavailable due to weather conditions or when extreme weather events destabilize the grid,” Hanson said.

LS Power owns a 13,000-megawatt gas generation fleet that complements its multiple energy transition platforms focused on wind and solar power, energy storage, demand response, microgrids, renewable fuels, electric transportation and transmission infrastructure.

“Decarbonizing the electric grid in a reliable, affordable and responsible manner will require efficient, flexible gas-fired generation,” said Paul Segal, LS Power CEO. “Our fleet is well-positioned to help accelerate the clean energy transition by managing the intermittency of renewables.”

“With the grid grappling with greater weather extremes and market volatility, a coherent path toward decarbonization embraces both rapid deployment of low-carbon energy resources and maintenance of sufficient fossil-fuel infrastructure to ensure continued energy security, affordability and reliability,” Segal said. “This is LS Power’s approach, as reflected in our portfolio and priorities.”

Accelerating the Energy Transition

LS Power’s gas generation fleet spans 10 states and consists primarily of peaking plants along with combined cycle facilities.

LS Power also manages a growing family of energy transition platforms, including: