Milwaukee, WI (May 31 2012) – Eagle Eye Power Solutions’ innovative Load Bank Series (LB-Series) is your solution for battery testing in the utility industry.  The LB-Series is portable, durable, safe, easy- to -use and comes complete with DataView software, providing the user with a complete data management and analysis program. These units will allow for NERC compliance with the battery maintenance standards PRC-005-1, PRC-005-1a, PRC-008, PRC-011, and PRC-017, when a performance capacity test of the entire battery bank is required.

The LB-Series comes standard with the capability of monitoring the system voltage during discharge in addition to the DataView Software to manage the discharge test.  Eagle Eye also offers an additional Data Acquisition Case “DAC” add-on option that allows wireless communication per CELL to your main unit and PC.  This means the voltage for each CELL will be displayed and recorded during discharge.  It makes it easy to see the health of each cell and to replace only the cells that require replacement – saving time & money. 

Each Load Bank comes with the main unit itself, a portable carrying case with wheels, data communication terminal, red & black load cables, voltage test lead with two clamps, antennae, power cord, DataView Software & comprehensive user manual.  The Data Acquisition Wireless Monitoring leads will be included if the “DAC” add-on is selected for monitoring per cell.

Eagle Eye offers a variety of models (over 25+) to ensure proper load testing for your system ranging from 10-480VDC and 0-500A.  Eagle Eye provides free support and training with each purchase – guaranteeing an easy set-up and transition to Eagle Eye Load Bank Testing. Visit for more information or call toll free at 1-877-805-3377 to talk about your load testing needs and applications.