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Kurita Water Industries Announces Merger of Its U.S. Subsidiaries

Newly formed Kurita America aims to change how water treatment solutions are designed and delivered 

(April 1, 2020)  Nakano-ku, Japan – Kurita Water Industries, (Kurita), a leading global provider of water treatment products and services, today announced the completion of the merger of its consolidated subsidiaries in the United States, including U.S. Water Services, Inc., Texas-based, Kurita America Inc., Fremont Industries, LLC, and Global Water Services Holding Company, Inc. The newly combined company will be known as Kurita America Inc., and will be headquartered in St. Michael, MN. LaMarr Barnes, former CEO of U.S. Water, will lead Kurita America Inc., as Chief Executive Officer.

By merging the four consolidated subsidiaries based in the United States, Kurita America has integrated their sales, production, marketing, commercial offerings and administration systems to maximize the overall efficiency of business operations to provide comprehensive integrated solutions to its customers.

“The integration of these companies represents an unprecedented opportunity to leverage and expand the collective strengths of our legacy brands with Kurita’s worldwide global leadership,” said LaMarr Barnes, CEO of the new Kurita America. “Kurita’s industry leading technologies and capabilities will enable us to deliver more powerful and impactful integrated solutions for our customers.”

The new Kurita America intends to change the way the marketplace views water and process treatment. Together, the combined subsidiaries that embody Kurita America represent decades of collective industry expertise across a wide range of industries such as oil and gas, healthcare, food and beverage, agriculture, light industry, commercial and institutional, biofuels, and municipal drinking water.

“The combined experience and capabilities of our legacy companies here in the United States, joined with the power derived from Kurita’s 70+ years of global leadership and unwavering investment in research and development are the pillars of our new company,” says Barnes. “We aim to change how water treatment solutions are designed and delivered while improving the sustainability of society.”

“The consolidation of these great American water treatment companies into one Kurita America represents a significant milestone in our global growth strategy, stated Masahiko Mitsuta, Chairman of the new Kurita America. “Our goal is to become the leading provider of integrated water treatment solutions in North America by providing new technologies and sustainable solutions that optimize system performance, reduce water and energy use and improve profitability for our customers.”

About Kurita Water Industries:

Established in 1949, Kurita Water Industries (Kurita) is one of the world’s largest suppliers of water treatment solutions, including equipment, technologies, chemistries, and engineering services. Kurita’s strategic focus is to expand its business globally by establishing bases in four regions of the world— Japan, Asia, Europe and the Americas, including South America. For more information about Kurita America visit