Grace Stanke is the current Miss America and graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she studied nuclear engineering. She is an advocate for clean energy and inspiring the next generation of engineers. During her year as Miss America, she is traveling the country using her national platform to advocate for “Clean Energy – Cleaner Future.”

Miss America 2023, Grace Stanke

Encouraging worldwide change for clean, zero-carbon emission energy sources, Miss Stanke emphasizes the benefits of nuclear power and seeks to dispel the myths around nuclear energy while inspiring the next generation of female scientists, engineers, and mathematicians. “In addition to helping change public perception of nuclear energy and technology, I hope to inspire youth, especially young girls, to explore STEM and to see that going into these fields, including nuclear engineering, is an option for them,” she notes.

Miss Stanke will be leading a session on clean energy at Experience POWER Week, taking place August 14–17, 2023, in Savannah, Georgia. During this talk, titled “Clean Energy, Cleaner Future – Inspiring a New Generation of Engineers,” she will discuss the importance of inspiring the next generation of engineers to pursue careers in clean energy. She will explore the challenges and opportunities facing the clean energy industry and how we can ensure that we have the talent we need to build a cleaner future. She will also discuss her own journey as a young woman in STEM and how she has overcome challenges to achieve her dreams.

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