SAN DIEGO, Calif. – March 1, 2011 – The leader in advanced electrical power software solutions, which operated for nearly 30 years as “EDSA Micro Corporation,” today announced that it is changing its corporate brand to “Power Analytics Corporation”… taking the name of the technology it made famous in the mission-critical power arena.  The new name takes effect immediately, and the Company’s website has been officially changed from to

The name change reflects the strong marketplace acceptance of the Company’s “power analytics” solutions, offered since the introduction of its Paladin® Live™ platform in 2006.  Paladin Live – which gives on-line, real-time diagnostics capabilities to dynamic power systems – is the only software platform to analyze power system health in real-time… a process the Company termed power analytics, and now an accepted part of the industry’s lexicon. 

Paladin Live was a market-driven extension of its flagship product, Paladin® DesignBase™, a powerful CAD modeling program for the design and simulation of complex electrical distribution systems. The power of the Paladin product suite is now available to corporate and institutional campuses with the 2010 introduction of Paladin® SmartGrid™, a master controller for electrical systems employing both utility and locally-generated power sources like co-generation, solar, and wind energy.

The new name and logo will be accompanied by the positioning line, “Foresight as accurate as hindsight,” highlighting the technology’s ability to predict potential electrical power network problems with unprecedented accuracy and detail… in order to detect, isolate, and preempt them entirely.

“Paladin Live was the first software platform to deliver real-world, real-time analytics using a previously-static design model… a revolutionary milestone for any software product in any industry,” said Mark A. Ascolese, Chairman and CEO of Power Analytics. “Because of this unprecedented capability, mission-critical facility operators effectively have a ‘crystal ball’ that is able to deliver incredibly detailed views into their power infrastructure – like an improperly wired UPS or PDU in a large data center – as well as perform what-if scenarios on that infrastructure, using our Paladin Blackboard® feature”. 

“Although our Company has a long and respected reputation in the power systems arena dating back nearly 30 years – and our Paladin DesignBase modeling product is the most powerful in the marketplace – the name Power Analytics reflects the enormous technological revolution that has occurred with the advent of our Paladin Live and Paladin SmartGrid platforms… not just for our Company, but for the mission-critical community as well,” Ascolese concluded. 

Since the introduction of Paladin Live, the Company’s Paladin platform is proven in some of the most transaction-intensive – and yet, the most environmentally friendly – mission-critical facilities in the world. Commercial customers include eBay; Bank of America; T Rowe Price; DuPont Fabros; Valero Energy; American Electric Power (AEP) and others.  Government and education customers include the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); Department of Defense (DoD); National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA); and UC San Diego (UCSD), and others.

Jim Neumann, Vice President of Marketing for Power Analytics, explained, “Sometimes, a company’s flagship product becomes so popular, that it starts to gain the potential to overshadow the corporate brand.  For example, everybody knows what a Blackberry® is… but a much smaller number of people give ‘Research in Motion, Ltd.’ credit for creating it.  In our case, our flagship technology – power analytics – has quickly become the standard in the mission-critical power community; this corporate rebranding is a way to stay on top of the rising tide of interest in our power analytics customer solutions.”

The names of the Company’s software products will not change.  Core products will continue to be called Paladin DesignBase, a platform that helps organizations ensure that their electrical power infrastructure is optimally-designed; Paladin Live, which ensures that facility infrastructure performs precisely as intended in terms of reliability and energy efficiency; and Paladin SmartGrid, which ensures that campus power operates flawlessly as organizations make real-time transitions between public and on-premise power sources.  By continually calibrating operating conditions with the original power systems model, Paladin is the only real-time power analytics platform for diagnosing electrical network problems or energy inefficiencies at their earliest stages.

About Power Analytics Corp.

Power Analytics is a privately held developer of software solutions for the design, simulation, deployment, and preventative maintenance of complex electrical power systems.  Founded in 1983, the Company’s Paladin software products are used by thousands of commercial, industrial, governmental, and military customers worldwide, to protect more than $100 billion in customer assets.  Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., the Company’s worldwide operations include more than 30 sales, distribution, and support offices located throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. For more information about Power Analytics and its products, visit