• Joint service for gear units from other manufacturers
• Fast and competent repair centers
• Global presence and reach

Flender GmbH, Bocholt and Wikov Industry a.s., Prague announce a comprehensive service cooperation for gear units from other manufacturers. Both companies look forward to this long-term and sustainable partnership. Plant operators will benefit from Flender’s and Wikov’s comprehensive service portfolio, now also available for gear units from other manufacturers. The key objective is to provide customers a one-stop-service, globally.

Plant availability is the key driver of economic success across many industries. Frequently, components from multiple manufacturers are deployed in a single application, which increases complexity of maintenance for operators. Flender’s and Wikov’s cooperation will enable their customers to benefit from a one-stop-service. Both companies are leading gear unit specialists, and well known for their comprehensive and competent service portfolio.

By combining resources, their customers will benefit from Flender’s service network with more than 50 repair centers globally. Short distances between a customer’s plant and a service center are a cornerstone of the business model, which ensures flexible and fast execution combined with Flender’s proven highest quality.

“Our global set-up enables us to serve customers fast, and exactly according to their needs. This is key to further increase our customers’ plant availability.” says Nevzat Oezcan, General Manager Flender Customer Service.

Wikov has extensive and long-lasting experience regarding spare parts for gear units from other manufacturers, and hence can provide these with highest quality in short time. “Our engineering know-how enables us to offer customers our comprehensive service portfolio for all gear units, irrespective of the manufacturer.” states Antonín Růžička, Managing Director of Wikov.

Customers across the globe now can rely on a single service partner for all gear units, due to the combination of customer proximity, highest quality and availability of spare parts, and the long-lasting service experience from Flender and Wikov. In addition, both companies will continue to offer their service portfolio for their original products.

Flender GmbH, a Siemens Company, headquartered in Bocholt, Germany, is a leading global supplier for mechanical drive systems and has the reputation for highest performance, innovation, quality, and reliability of mechanical components for more than 115 years. Flender offers a broad variety of gear units and couplings and associated services, with a focus on key industries such as wind power, cement, mining, oil & gas, power generation, water and wastewater, marine, conveyor and crane technology. Flender products and services combine the latest technology with high quality and have been reliably providing the optimal transmission of power for decades. On October 1, 2018, Flender had around 6,000 employees globally. Further information is available on the Internet at www.flender.com.

Wikov Industry is a traditional and largest manufacturer of industrial gearboxes and gears in the Czech Republic and belongs to the leading global industrial gearbox manufacturers. The manufacturing history is dated back to 1884 in Hronov and 1918 in Pilsen. In its nowadays condition, the Wikov Industry engineering group started to establish in the market in 2002. The group is formed in the Czech Republic by manufacturing companies Wikov Gear in Pilsen (industrial gearboxes, high-speed gearboxes and gears), Wikov MGI a.s. in Hronov (industrial gearboxes, gear units for rail vehicle industry and for wind energy), Wikov Sázavan s.r.o. (manufacture of machine groups and precision engineering components) and Detail CZ (precise parts for trucks, construction and agriculture machinery). R&D division Orbital2 provides the design of planetary gear units for Wikov companies. The group of Wikov companies is controlled by Wikov Industry a.s. The entire group employs approx. 1000 staff and its annual turnover exceeds EUR 90 million. The whole group is long term profitable. Further information is available on the Internet at www.wikov.com.