Press Release

European Leaders Tell Texas Students Oil + Gas Demand Remains Strong

PARIS/LONDON/BRUSSELS – Students from the Texas Christian University Neeley School of Business met with influential leaders throughout Europe as part of their course, “The Geopolitics of Energy.” The students and instructors from the Ralph Lowe Energy Institute held discussions with the International Energy Agency in Paris (see photo), the Energy Directorate of the European Commission in Brussels, and with Liquid Natural Gas group of Shell Global in London. The students were accompanied by Ann Bluntzer, Executive Director of the Ralph Lowe Energy Institute and Tom Seng, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice.

“The idea is to expose our students to energy use in other countries,” Professor Seng says. “That includes the energy mix, energy policy, energy goals and their plans for emissions reductions. The EU has a net zero by 2050 plan. The question remains as to whether they can achieve that. The Russian invasion of Ukraine and some record hot summers have put that goal in jeopardy.”

Seng also notes demand for traditional energy sources in Europe remains strong. “Those over here who produce oil and gas see demand continuing for quite some time.”