The scope of supply is a complete equipment of an machine hall including a modular Doosan Škoda Power steam turbine DST-S10, a generator, heat exchangers, an oil system, a feed water tank, steam and heating piping, power and signal cabling, steel structures, a bridge crane, a fire protection system and lighting of the machine hall. Doosan Škoda Power also provides complete assembly of the machine hall equipment including commissioning and subsequent guarantee measurements. This is a new cogeneration unit for Amagerværket power plant in Copenhagen where Doosan Škoda Power already carried on its business in the past.

The specifics of this project are in its complexity both in scale of the engineering, and the extent of the actual order. The time from full effectiveness of the contract to putting the power plant into operation is 31 months.

Project efficiency was launched as planned on September 1st, 2016 when the opening ceremony was held and attended by HOFOR senior management and Copenhagen municipality representatives.

The customer is the Danish company HOFOR Energiproduktion A/S, part of Denmarks largest utility company – HOFOR.

Rated output of the single body backpressure steam turbine type DST-S10 with the steam for heating the greater Copenhagen area including city of Copenhagen represents 150 MW, the maximum power for heating 617 MWt. The new block will exclusively burn sustainable biomass.

Denmark, which is the traditional market of Doosan Škoda Power steam turbines for heating plants, is this Pilsen company currently completing the Lisbjerg project with a steam turbine that enables cogeneration of electricity with the output of 38 MWe and power of 66 MWt for heating. Since the 1970s, the installed capacity of Doosan Škoda steam turbines in Denmark comprises 784 MW.


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Doosan Skoda Power, a member of Doosan Group, is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of equipment for power stations and machine rooms especially equipped for steam turbines. The company’s portfolio includes steam turbines ranging from 10 to 1200 MW. With its vast experience in applications of gas, coal, cogeneration, nuclear and CSP power productions, and R&D investments, the company offers high efficiency products combined with extreme reliability and operational flexibility.