Press Release

DiviGas Announces Seed Round for Polymeric Hydrogen Separation Membrane

New York, Nov. 21st, 2021 – Aligned with the COP26 summit which brings parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the start-up DiviGas has announced a $3.6 million seed round to support the commercialization of a new next-generation polymeric hydrogen separation membrane, which is a filter at a molecular level that purifies hydrogen and helps capture the associated CO2.

Every year $110 billion of hydrogen gas is generated in refineries, chemical plants, and fertilizer plants of which 15% or $16 billion are lost to flaring. Divi-H, DiviGas’ groundbreaking membrane, can recycle this previously unrecoverable hydrogen gas, netting the average refinery $3-6 million annually with a 2-3x return on investment (ROI).

Hydrogen production is also a major emitter of CO2, generating approximately 1000 Million Tons or more than 2% of global CO2 emissions. DiviGas’ disruptive membrane enables the upgrade of existing hydrogen plants to generate so-called ‘blue’ hydrogen where the CO2 is captured.According to the International Energy Agency by 2050, the world will make 200 million tons of blue hydrogen, all of which will need better capture technology.

DiviGas’ membrane, Divi-H, effectively tackles these two problems, with a radically new polymer composition inside modules containing tens of thousands of polymeric hollow fibers. The result is an outstanding new performance due to its extra resistant properties (extreme acidic resistance with up to 150ºC versus 50ºC from other membranes).

DiviGas is an opportunity to bring sustainability to a crucial but often disregarded major market in the existing hydrogen infrastructure. At MANN+HUMMEL, we are always seeking to support new, scalable separation technologies that can profitably make existing industries more sustainable.” – Michael Adams, MANN+HUMMEL Ventures.

Only through new technologies, deployed at pace and at scale, can we accelerate the advent of a sustainable world. We believe in supporting cutting-edge energy technologies, including hydrogen, that can deliver positive climate impact at scale. We are convinced that Hydrogen and CO2 separation is key for decarbonizing and growing the hydrogen economy, for which Divigas has a unique solution. Divigas have made huge progress on their differentiated separation technology, and we look forward to supporting their future developments.” – Adonis Pouroulis, Energy Revolution Ventures

This financing round will enable the production of Divi-H at an industrial scale, under the first two mass manufacturing lines. These will allow us to ship our first industrial-scale pilots with select partners and to continue the development of our next product, our CO2 purifying membrane.

The innovative solution presented by DiviGas can operate in refineries, petrochemical plants, ammonia plants, methanol and metallurgical production, power-to-gas systems, gasifiers​​, and many other production facilities. The polymeric membrane, Divi-H, can be used in a wide range of applications, from fuel gas recovery to loop optimization through H2/CO adjustment and carbon capture.