The new Pre-Stressed Concrete Walls from ClearSpan allow businesses to store materials right up to the building’s edge, expanding storage space without sacrificing structural integrity.

ClearSpan Pre-Stressed Concrete Walls are 4’ x 20’ and are available in thicknesses ranging from 4” to 10”. Panels can be stacked up to three high and are quickly mounted to the building’s frame for easy installation, creating a solution that is more cost-effective than traditional concrete walls and foundations.

Pre-Stressed Concrete Walls can be used for a variety of applications and in many different industries. They work well for waste and recycling, aggregate storage, various industrial and agricultural applications and much more.

“We often hear from customers that the cost of concrete foundation walls can be just as much as a building, often causing projects to exceed budgetary expectations,” Geoffrey Ching, Director of Sales at ClearSpan Structures, said. “ClearSpan’s innovative pre-stressed walls can save our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in foundation costs, and foundation engineers can then focus on footings or Helical Anchor Systems that are designed to more efficiently anchor the building, reducing project costs.”

The panels are compressed and tensioned with steel tendons, resulting in pre-stressed concrete that is better able to withstand tension than traditional concrete. Prestressing also decreases the risk of the concrete cracking, leading to a stronger building.

“The addition of pre-stressed concrete panels creates a more economical containment wall for aggregate material storage,” Ching said. “Pre-stressed concrete containment walls can be designed to cover the entire interior perimeter or section off a portion of the interior to separate material storage from other functions and areas of the building.”

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