SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 23, 2020 — CleanSpark Inc., a diversified software and services company announced that it received a contract to provide intelligent switchgear upgrades and support for a US Embassy located on the African continent.

According to the agreement, CleanSpark will service the paralleling switchgear controls at the Embassy for a term of 5 years including upgrades to the equipment.  Additionally, the Company will provide technical and online support to Embassy personnel. Trained on systems utilizing a variety of operating modes, CleanSpark field service technicians and engineers are capable of servicing or upgrading switchgear installed by CleanSpark’s Critical Power Division, as well as all other paralleling switchgear brands. Maintenance and upgrades will be performed by the CleanSpark team, which is proficient in design and start-up, troubleshooting, training, and providing maintenance on switchgear, paralleling controls, and power distribution equipment.

CleanSpark’s CEO Zach Bradford said, “This is another exciting development for our intelligent switchgear business. Our team has continued to experience strong sales of our hardware-based solutions, and recently we’ve seen an increase in the maintenance, upgrades, and technical support segments as well. We are excited to have prevailed on this competitive government contract. Aside from the overall economic value, our proposal leverages our prior expertise on secure government projects, as well as the knowledge base and aptitude of the professionals within our staff.”