New Proven Technology Will Increase Charah Solutions’ Supply of High-Quality Fly Ash and Expand Byproduct Sales Offerings

LOUISVILLE, KY (January 8, 2019) – Charah® Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: CHRA), a leading provider of environmental and maintenance services to the power generation industry, has installed its proprietary fly ash beneficiation technology at the company’s Sulphur, Louisiana, terminal to improve the quality of fly ash and to increase its supply of marketable fly ash to concrete producers nationwide. Charah Solutions’ new MP618™ Multi-Process technology reduces loss on ignition (LOI), ammonia, activated carbon and moisture in fly ash.

“The launch of the MP618 technology is a significant milestone for Charah Solutions and a game changer for the beneficiation of fly ash,” said Charles Price, President and CEO of Charah Solutions. “Our utility customers now have an innovative, cost-effective solution that doesn’t require a significant capital investment or increase costs to rate payers. Additionally, we now expect to be able to provide a more reliable stream of fly ash to our customers. The launch of this facility highlights the importance of our acquisition of SCB International last year, and is the first of many facilities we expect to install nationwide.”

The proven MP618 thermal beneficiation technology provides concrete product producers and builders with a reliable source of high-quality Class F fly ash to meet a growing number of construction projects in the greater Lake Charles / Sulphur region. The Sulphur terminal is Charah Solutions’ second barge-supplied location in Southern Louisiana. Its LaPlace, Louisiana, terminal currently serves customers in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Charah Solutions’ proven MP618 technology allows for beneficiation of both wet and dry fly ash and offers important advantages over competing technologies. Specifically, it has a significantly lower cost profile, an efficient footprint with self-contained environmental controls that can be deployed in months versus years and a modular design that can be scaled up or down to increase production based on market demand.

“As one of the leading fly ash sales and marketing companies in the country, Charah Solutions is known for our innovative solutions and superior service,” said Scott Ziegler, Vice President of Byproduct Sales at Charah Solutions. “We are pleased to open this MP618 fly ash beneficiation installation to serve the growing Louisiana market with solutions that can be scaled up or down based on the beneficiation needs at a particular ash pond or other site. With MP618, we can beneficiate out of spec fly ash, increase our supply of high-quality ash to the market and add significant value to our utility customers as we continue to leverage new technologies to expand our service offerings.”

With the functionality to process both wet and dry fly ash, the MP618 technology can be installed at both operating and non-operating power plants, regardless of whether the fly ash is current production or legacy ash stored in ponds or landfills. The technology also allows for the processing of kiln dust to remove mercury for emissions regulations compliance.

MP618 technology is expected to enhance Charah Solutions’ MultiSource® materials network, a unique distribution system of more than 30 nationwide sourcing locations, and improve the company’s ability to provide a continuous and reliable supply of supplementary cementitious materials for ready-mix concrete producers and other customers throughout the U.S.

Click here to see a complete map of Charah Solutions’ MultiSource materials network locations.

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With 30 years of experience, Charah® Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of environmental and maintenance services to the power generation industry, with operations in coal-fired and nuclear power generation sites across the country. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Charah Solutions assists utilities with all aspects of managing and recycling ash byproducts generated from the combustion of coal in the production of electricity as well as routine power plant maintenance and outage services for coal and nuclear energy providers. The company also designs and implements solutions for ash pond management and closure, landfill construction, fly ash and slag sales, and structural fill projects. Charah Solutions is the partner of choice for solving customers’ most complex environmental challenges, and as an industry leader in quality, safety, and compliance, the company is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions for a cleaner energy future. For more information, please visit

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