Press Release

Camus Energy Announces Partnership with Vermont Electric Cooperative

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (April 24, 2023)Camus Energy, a leading grid orchestration software platform, announced today a partnership with Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC), its first with a utility in the Northeast. The collaboration directly benefits 33,000 VEC members across 75 communities, ensuring reliability, low costs, and efficiency as the grid evolves.

“VEC and Camus share a vision of accelerating the energy transition in a way that benefits community members. As we looked into branching out into the Northeast, this co-op was a natural fit,” said Astrid Atkinson, CEO of Camus Energy. “VEC leads in clean energy–not only in New England, but throughout the entire country–as one of a handful of utilities committed to 100% renewable power supply by 2030. Amid increased demand and integration of new resources, Vermont Electric Cooperative puts its members first with affordable and reliable power. Our software provides the tools necessary to continue that positive momentum.”

Camus’ grid orchestration platform helps VEC operators safely harness and deploy local energy resources, making sure members are getting the most out of their devices, from solar panels to electric vehicles, to smart appliances. The platform provides a real-time picture of the grid and direct management of enrolled devices, allowing operators to efficiently manage and optimize distributed energy resources (DERs). This reduces power supply costs and helps bolster reliability.

“This partnership is one example of the types of strategies we will need to modernize our grid while maintaining our commitment to affordable, reliable power,” said Rebecca Towne, CEO of Vermont Electric Cooperative. “As we strive to operate the grid more efficiently, reliably and sustainably, VEC has partnered with Camus to engage diverse community resources, such as solar, batteries, EVs, and flexible loads. Together, we are committed to creating a sustainable future that adapts and grows with our community’s needs.”

Camus now spans coast to coast with customers in Pennsylvania, Colorado, California, New Mexico and more. Other utility partnerships include Holy Cross Energy, Kit Carson Electric Cooperative and La Plata Electric Association.