Today in Rome, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by Ansaldo Energia, 44.8% owned by Fondo Strategico Italiano, represented by CEO Giuseppe Zampini, and the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company, represented by Mustafa Gaber Dessouki, with top government representatives from both countries in attendance.

The MoU covers the conversion from simple to combined cycle of the existing “6th of October” power plant on the industrial outskirts of Cairo. The plant is owned by the Cairo Electricity Production Company, which is in turn owned by the government’s electric power agency, the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company.

The scope of supply covers the design and turnkey construction of the plant conversion by Ansaldo Energia, with the addition of four heat recovery steam generators and a steam turbine set rated 340 MW with relative air condenser. The plant conversion will require twenty four months to complete from the signing of the contract.

In the framework of the project, SACE has already provided funding of EUR 210 million in relation to the previous order awarded to Ansaldo Energia and has expressed its full availability to examine the possibility of providing support for the next stage of work too.

“This important agreement”, Zampini made clear, “is the result of excellent relations which Ansaldo Energia has built up working in Egypt for over forty years, but it also represents a success for our central and local government agencies, who have shown great determination in their support for this initiative”.