The HRST field services team has extensive experience supervising welding, field repair, fabrication, and erection of HRSGs. Acting as advocates for your equipment, they manage the project from start to finish, allowing you to focus on other needs and projects. HRST partners with select pre-qualified subcontractors to offer full turnkey project services, taking a project from concept to completion. The following projects are real-life examples of recent and successful construction offerings.

HRST was called to investigate a loud banging sound in a 520 MW power plant, where they discovered a hot spot in the casing. HRST suspected that the liner plates and insulation in the area were disintegrating, and cracks in the casing could result. To prevent future problems, they analyzed the original design and proposed a new arrangement that allowed for thermal expansion while avoiding vibration. The power plant manager hired HRST to provide the inlet duct liner kit, and the materials were shipped within seven days. A Technical Advisor from HRST flew out to oversee the installation. The project was completed with minimal loss of operations, resulting in a new robust floor liner and insulation system.

A Cogen plant discovered a burner failure while monitoring duct burner flames through their HRST CoolVision™ viewport in one of their units. They called HRST to investigate the problem and repair their failed duct burner components. HRST arrived on site and began inspecting the area after scaffolding was built to access the hydrogen burners. A failed hydrogen burner was discovered, and others were also repaired to prevent future failures. They also found damage on the sidewall liner and insulation due to the irregular duct burner flames. HRST oversaw the replacement of all six (6) hydrogen burner runners, made repairs on the sidewall, and replaced the LP evaporator riser pipe. The repairs were completed, and the area was cleaned up in seven (7) days total.

Flow distribution grids are commonly used in HRSGs and simple-cycle exhaust ducts to ensure even distribution of exhaust gas over burners or catalyst beds. However, these grids can suffer from frequent and costly repairs due to high temperature, cycling, and age. To combat these issues, HRST provides a robust system with a self-supporting attribute in the vertical direction and flexibility in the horizontal direction, allowing for a support system that is free from constraint. The installation is less labor intensive because most of the welding is on carbon steel components outside the casing.

HRST was selected to oversee a coil baffle retrofit on HPSH2 on two (2) units. The team was deployed to the site and started work immediately. After removing the existing coil baffles, the team discovered that the new coil baffles would not fit between the tube bundles due to thermal expansion. The HRST TA and subcontractors decided to cut the coil baffles lengthwise then welded them back together to fit in between the tube bundles. The client was pleased with the work and asked HRST to install more coil baffles and tube tie brackets during their next outage.

The HRST construction team handles projects from start to finish, working with pre-qualified subcontractors to provide turnkey project services. Several recent projects exemplify their expertise, including addressing a hot spot in a power plant by proposing and implementing a new liner/casing arrangement. In another case, they repaired failed duct burner components and replaced damaged sections, completing the project in seven days. Additionally, they successfully retrofitted coil baffles in two units, overcoming challenges posed by thermal expansion. HRST: Inspect. Analyze. SOLVE.