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The Digital Power Plant of the Future: Realizing Operational Excellence

Maximized operations. Complete, fully connected and instantaneously accessible operational data. Constant opportunities to leverage descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics that drive effective decision-making in everything from evaluating alarms to improving Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) initiatives. Automation that saves time by reducing the repetition of manual processes and human error. A journey based on operational excellence.

These are just some of the advantages of the digital power plant of the future.

Tomorrow’s power plant will provide more reliability, resilience and sustainability through digital transformation (DX)1. Constructing a digital backbone, a thread that connects data from across a company, is vital for adapting to and addressing widespread consumer preferences and government regulations related to sustainability, the increasing influence of cyberthreats and the desire to optimize operations. Solutions that enable DX and support the creation of a digital backbone, then, are critical for increasing reliability, strengthening resilience and remaining competitive.

Explore how a digital backbone will transform your operations and asset lifecycle.

A Cohesive Data Ecosystem Empowers Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is not simply a nice philosophy or investment that the power industry should consider. It’s foundational to remaining relevant and competitive in an increasingly digital and fast-paced world. Planning, organizing, leading and controlling strategies that drive improvement must be a top priority. Otherwise, businesses simply may not have the capacity to achieve momentous success for the long term. Continuous improvement starts with an efficient, complete and connected approach to managing data, collecting it from across the organization and establishing a single source of truth on which all stakeholders can depend. A cohesive data ecosystem can support everything from reducing paperwork and other repetitive tasks for operators to supporting intelligent strategy development by plant leaders.

A cohesive data ecosystem that empowers stakeholders enables the advantages of the digital power plant of the future, from increased reliability and resilience to overall operational excellence. With the right tools and workflows in place to organize, manage and analyze data, professionals can focus clearly on pressing issues, key metrics and specific opportunities that drive a continuous cycle of improvement. Removing gaps in siloed data, improving access to it and generating insights from it ultimately supports productivity, operational security, cybersecurity and employee safety. Because access is simple and consistent, every department and decision-maker can tap into this valuable information when needed. Then, they can use it to fuel improvements and changes within their areas of focus, from field operations to maintenance and reliability engineering.

The Business Case for DX

Gartner reports companies that adjust their business model with a range of initiatives to support DX efforts typically progress 2.25 times faster than companies taking a more traditional approach2.

Conversely, power and utility companies that fail to invest in DX will severely limit their opportunities for advancement, while more innovative and technologically adept competition flourishes in productivity, resilience and sustainable growth.

The big question: how does DX truly pay off for the power industry?

Investing in and implementing DX leads to:

  • Substantially improved data management and utilization
  • More efficient digital processes, spanning all teams and departments
  • Effective automation that supports enhanced productivity, accuracy, safety and helps decrease operating expenses

Power and utility companies that understand a brighter future requires fundamental investments in a digital transformation journey stand to significantly gain in multiple areas of improvement.


Across the span of 35 years, one of the main factors that contributed to more than 100 preventable industrial accidents and a total revenue loss of $151 billion was the lack of detailed and digitalized processes and procedures. However, the power plant of the future will leverage and connect data from across the operation to create a safer, smarter, more robust facility3.

Reliability & Resilience

A data-driven plant is a more dependable plant that leads to various financial advantages, ranging from reduced outages and recovery costs to lower insurance rates and additional government incentives.


Digital plants support optimization efforts to reduce emissions. By 2025, digital plants will save 625 million metric tons of CO2 emissions globally4.

Solutions That Empower the Digital Power Plant of the Future


EcoSys™ enterprise project performance software combines project portfolio management, project controls and project management into a single, flexible solution. For the Power industry, EcoSys helps optimize long-term capital planning, ensure the right projects are chosen and improves execution and cost performance across potentially thousands of simultaneous projects.


Providing a comprehensive suite of web-based applications, j5 replaces the troublesome mix of paper, spreadsheets, databases and other scattered manual data collection methods with a structured, configurable and enterprise-wide digital operations management system – for logbook recording, work instructions, inspection rounds, shift handover, incident management, safety procedures and more.


An information management solution, HxGN SDx® is designed for DX by addressing this challenge in practical, cost-effective ways. That includes creating a digital twin, an incredibly accurate and complete real-time digital version of a physical power plant.

PAS PlantState Integrity™

The PAS PlantState Integrity platform includes solutions for alarm management, boundary management, control loop monitoring and tuning, and managing Independent Protection Layers (IPL) that work together to ensure safe, reliable and compliant industrial operations. PAS Cyber Integrity® protects Industrial Control Systems with comprehensive inventory, vulnerability, configuration, compliance, backup/recovery and risk management across OT/ICS endpoints (Level 0 to 3.5).

HxGN EAM (formerly Infor EAM)

HxGN EAM allows you to achieve greater visibility into assets for better capital spending decisions and extend asset lifecycles and improve productivity.


A revolutionary technology for mission-critical operations across all industries, Xalt fast-tracks your ability to harness IoT data and extract its full potential and value.

Luciad Portfolio

The Luciad Portfolio provides developers with a platform for building situational awareness and real-time location intelligence solutions.

 Empowering Optimization with a Digital Twin

The digital power plant of the future is dependent on digital twins: virtual representations of a physical plant or process that offers past and current information as well as opportunities for a variety of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics (including scenario modeling).

A digital backbone, which connects all relevant data from each digital twin and offers accessibility to the right employees at the right time, is just as important.

An operational shift driven by these digital twins, as well as the digital backbone that connects them, is a key outcome of collaborative DX initiatives. Hexagon provides interoperable solutions throughout the asset lifecycle that can be built gradually in stages to avoid adoption issues and encourage successful DX and a culture of continuous improvement.

 A Partner for Your DX Journey

The power and utility industries are highly regulated, and DX efforts depend on advanced, reliable, and intuitive solutions to drive positive results. For power companies, finding a dependable, knowledgeable and experienced partner is critical to success in a DX journey.

Hexagon brings a wealth of familiarity with both the technological and operational considerations of DX to each partnership and project in which we’re involved. We have helped power companies and other organizations in the industry implement the efficient, informed, automated, productive and secure work environment that turns continuous improvement from a concept into a reality.

Realizing Optimized Operations and Enhanced Resilience

Companies in the power and utility industry don’t have time to waste when it comes to DX. The advantages that come with enhanced reliability, resilience and continuous improvement, as well as the industry’s steady shift toward implementing DX, make such efforts critical.

In an increasingly complex, regulated, and competitive future, successful transformation can mean the difference between failure and success.

You can create a more effective plant that enables the use of information and analysis to improve safety, security and operational efficiency while also lowering a variety of expenses. Hexagon has the solutions, experts and strategy to help you build a culture of continuous improvement from the unlocked potential of your data.

Learn more about Hexagon’s vision for the power industry beyond operational excellence.

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