Laser Alignment of Steam and Gas Turbines

LUDECA’s new CENTRALIGN ULTRA was specifically developed for the alignment of steam and gas turbines. The system precisely aligns internal elements with upper halves for distances up to 133 feet. Accurate bore measurements can be acquired and wirelessly transmitted without interrupting other processes, saving time over traditional methods like piano wires, micrometers, and optical instruments. The device ensures true bore center measurement and reveals when the bore is out of roundness, LUDECA claims.

Over long distances and extended measurement periods, laser stability is subject to fluctuations through variations in air density or temperature. To ensure measurement accuracy, an additional fixed sensor constantly monitors the laser drift at the far end of the machine and automatically adjusts readings to compensate for such drift. The CENTRALIGN ULTRA brackets (shown here) are specifically designed for ease of use and extremely high accuracy. Brackets can be installed in magnetic or nonmagnetic bores, and tops-on or tops-off configurations, with bore diameters from 4.75 inches to 166.5 inches. (

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