Spectra-Physics, a Newport Corp. brand, introduced an addition to its Pulseo family of Q-Switched diode-pumped solid-state industrial lasers. The rugged and reliable Pulseo 355-10 provides 10 W of 355-nm output at 90 kHz with a short pulse width of less than 23 ns. Key applications for the Pulseo 355-10 are crystalline silicon photovoltaic solar cell manufacturing processes, such as wafer scribing and dicing, drilling, and marking. The high-power industrial laser is also ideal for microelectronics applications, such as via hole drilling, flex circuit cutting, flat panel manufacturing, ITO patterning, LED substrate scribing, silicon wafer dicing/scribing, and low K dielectric scribing.

The Pulseo 355-10 has a short pulse width (<23 ns at 90 kHz) and high peak power. These characteristics, combined with higher repetition rates, reduce undesired thermal effects and result in higher throughput with less damage to the parts. (www.newport.com/pulseo)