EPA Delays GHG Rule for More Public Input

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Monday announced it would take more time to review public comment on draft rules concerning greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and propose the regulations on Sept. 30—instead of July 26 as initially planned. The agency said, however, that it is on track to have final rules ready by May 26, 2012.

"Through this process — which included listening sessions with the business community, states and others — a wide range of stakeholders have presented the agency with important input which deserves to be fully considered as the agency works to develop smart, cost-effective and protective standards," the EPA said.

Earlier this year, the agency pushed back the reporting deadline for greenhouse gas emissions from large emitters to Sept. 30, from the original March 31. The EPA also indefinitely delayed the implementation of standards for industrial boilers and incinerators.

Sources: POWERnews, EPA

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