Compact Centrifugal Pump

Acknowledging that ANSI centrifugal pumps often need to be installed in areas where space is at a premium, Griswold Pump Co. has developed the 811CC (Close Coupled) ANSI centrifugal pump. This pump offers the features and flexibility of standard Griswold 811 ANSI pumps but with a smaller electrical motor encased in a compact package. Despite their smaller size, the 811CC pumps utilize an ANSI-dimensional liquid end, meaning that they can be "dropped" right in line with existing piping, providing an easy and economical replacement for most ANSI installations. Since the 811CCs use an interchangeable ANSI casing, they can be used on the existing pump and quickly and seamlessly replace a defective power end with the 811CC’s back-pullout assembly. (

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