Combustion Gas Analyzer

Building on the success of the Fluegas 2700 combustion gas analyzer, the new SERVOTOUGH FluegasExact integrates Servomex’s unique Flowcube flow sensor technology to give users even more confidence in their combustion gas measurements. The analyzer features a patented zirconium oxide cell for oxygen measurement and a thick film catalytic sensor for measuring carbon monoxide (CO) and COe combustibles. Able to measure oxygen on a wet basis, the FluegasExact’s advanced zirconia technology requires no external sample conditioning system, while minimal calibration requirements and a long operational life of up to 10 years ensure reduced maintenance costs.

The FluegasExact’s thick film calorimeter technology monitors CO levels with high precision, resulting in sufficient sensitivity and speed of response to enable the combustion process to be continuously optimized for increased process safety and efficiency. The performance of the combined technologies improves flame stability; reduces nitrogen oxides, sulfur trioxide, and CO emissions; and has been proven to save up to 4% of fuel costs per year. (

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