The Truth about Skepticism Revealed

Washington, D.C., February 26, 2014 – As a journalist for some 40 years, I have learned to be skeptical about almost everything around me. The credo of journalism, beaten into me by education and life lessons is, as the journalistic cliché has it: “Your mother loves you? Check it out.”

So it’s time to reiterate that credo of effective journalism, as I write about a number of energy issues ranging from climate change to natural gas supplies to nuclear power, and much in between. I take this from a postcard from a failed magazine the brilliant journalist Steven Brill published back in the 1990s, called “Content.” It’s pinned on my office bulletin board:

Here’s what Brill has to say about skepticism:

* “Skepticism is a weapon. It deflects spin, propaganda, PR, BS, press agents, publicity seekers, hearsay, unnamed sources, and anyone with a hidden agenda.”

* “Skepticism is that little voice that tells you you’ll never be a millionaire with little or no money down.”

* “Skepticism is that sneaking suspicion that all aspirin are alike.”

* “Skepticism is a quality shared by truth seekers, freethinkers and realists.”

* “Skepticism demands that proof and facts be unsanitized, uncensored, and unembellished.”

*”Skepticism makes the world accountable.”

* “Skepticism is a virtue.”

Enough said.