Degree Controls has introduced AccuSense F333 air velocity sensors, a series of low-cost airflow sensors designed for field systems. The AccuSense F333 provides air velocity measurements within the range of 0.2 m/s to 10 m/s (40–2,000 fpm) while maintaining a ±10% accuracy across a temperature range of 15C to 60C with a 2% or better repeatability of reading. Accuracy is further improved as the user constrains the operating temperature range. With a user-configurable linear voltage output including 0–5V or 0–10V, the user can easily integrate the sensor into a control system, instrument panel, or interface it to other equipment management devices. A dedicated open drain alarm pin is available and offers fully configurable temperature-based or velocity-based setpoints. The AccuSense F333 provides a UART or I2C interface for the user to access specific memory locations for more complex algorithms and equipment implementations. (