Rugged Servo Inclinometer

UK-based Sherborne Sensors has introduced the LSI series of closed-loop gravity-referenced servo inclinometers to the North American market. The family of inclinometers is specially designed to withstand severe shock and vibration inputs for precise measurements in demanding environments.

The series incorporates a unique, flexure-supported torque-balancing system that is rugged enough to withstand shock inputs of up to 1,500 g, but which still provides accuracy and repeatability over a wide operating temperature range. Sensor components and associated electronics are contained within IP64 environmentally sealed housing. Units are available in ranges of ±14.5 degrees, ±30 degrees, and ±90 degrees and offer a high-level, 5-volt analog DC-output signal, proportional to sine of the angle of tilt. LSI series models are fully self-contained and can connect to a DC power source and a readout or control device to form a complete operating system. (

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