Sierra Instruments has introduced a new lineup of its popular transit-time ultrasonic flow meters, which now include improved next-generation Innova-Sonic 203, 205i, and portable 210i models. The Innova-Sonic 205i is Sierra’s highest performing dedicated clamp-on instrument. It incorporates the latest developments in digital signal processing to offer excellent accuracy and repeatability for a wide variety of liquids. This model’s accuracy has been improved to +/-0.5% of reading, repeatability to +/-0.15% of reading, and pipe capacity up to 200 inches.

The Innova-Sonic 210i portable clamp-on ultrasonic meter has been repackaged into a smaller more lightweight, hand-held configuration that includes a brighter display and pushbuttons. Ideal for pipes up to 48 inches in diameter, the 203 promises accuracy to +/-1.0% of reading, repeatability to +/-0.3% of reading and a temperature range of 32F to 140F (0C to 60C). The 203 offers low power consumption and high reliability at an economical price. An easy-to-read display and clear, user-friendly menu selections make using the instrument simple and convenient. It can be configured via keypad without any additional programming devices. (