Universal Flow Monitors launched the P420 Series, a set of plastic, vortex-shedding flow rate transmitters designed to process corrosive fluids, water, brine, and low-viscosity fluids in water treatment, chemical, and desalination applications. The series features plastic flowmeters that have no O-ring seals or other moving parts that can stick, bind, or coat processing water or corrosive fluids.

Models in the P420 Series are made of wetted PVC or CPVC parts for greater corrosion resistance. Electronic output is from a 4-20 mA two-wire transmitter, and the electronics package is totally potted, so it’s not vulnerable to shorting, corrosion, leaks, humidity, or condensate from conduits or thermal cycling. Monitors are available in five pipe diameters, providing a flow range from 12 gpm to 200 gpm. (www.flowmeters.com)