Pilsen, Czech Republic (Oct. 10, 2022) – Pilsen-based steam turbine producer Doosan Škoda Power has signed a contract with the company Elektrárny Opatovice (EOP) to replace a TG3 steam turbine. The continuing upgrade is expected to improve the quality and reliability of heat and power supply and contribute to better environmental conditions.

Doosan Škoda Power won the contract in a tender process. Doosan Škoda Power’s experience in applications for steam-gas and fossil power plants, cogeneration, nuclear and solar power plants, biomass incineration plants, waste-to-energy plants, etc. played a key role in its success in the tender. “The upgrade of the entire TG3 heating plant was a challenge for us, particularly in terms of the complexity of the scope of the job and the power plant’s requirements for the technical design of the work. Following on the recent TG5 plant upgrade that we successfully completed for EOP, this work on TG3 is another significant commitment to the client,” says Tomáš Bayer, Sales Manager at Doosan Škoda Power.

Through the project, Doosan Škoda Power will supply a new state-of-the-art condensing steam turbine providing 65 MWe (megawatt electric) to 140 MWt (megawatt thermal), including all accessories such as control systems, a condenser, low pressure regenerative feedwater heating equipment, block transformer, oil management equipment, interconnecting piping, control system, high pressure hydraulic system, field equipment, etc.

TG3 is the second most important turbine for heat supplies after TG5. The refurbishment of the unit will take place as part of the planned turbine shutdown in 2023 and the turbine will become fully operational again in 2024. The planned 15% increase in efficiency will result in a positive environmental impact and reduced energy consumption.

“The upgrade will significantly increase the efficiency of combined heat and power generation,” says Stanislav Ondráček, Head of Strategic Development at EOP, adding that the project is one of key upgrade projects at the plant in addition to the planned decarbonisation and switch to natural gas, and will thus play a key role in combined heat and power generation.

The Opatovice Power Plant is an important producer of electricity and heat in the East Bohemia region. It supplies heat to nearly 63,000 customers in Pardubice, Hradec Králové, Chrudim and other towns and villages in the region.