Press Release

Nrby Announces New Features to Enhance and Drive Disaster Recovery Scenarios

Nashua, NH, June 20, 2019 — Nrby, the only mobile workforce collaboration platform powered by SmartPins, today announced an upgrade designed to enable broadband service providers, telco’s and utility companies to get services back online in a faster and safer manner following a natural disaster, or related event.

“When disasters occur, getting teams mobilized and organized is a difficult task,” says Nrby Vice President of Product Management and Marketing Ron Miller. “Nrby’s data-driven design and graphical components can quickly kick-off and expedite the service recovery process. In less than one minute everyone can be in the same mobile recovery role with a web-based graphical dashboard providing a system-wide map view driving the recovery process.”

The Nrby platform’s updated central dashboard now offers real-time status tracking and monitoring, third-party configuration management and enhanced messaging features specifically targeted at storm recovery. Most importantly, the platform’s update replaces or augments physical ‘war rooms’ typical of disaster recovery efforts with virtual, mobile war rooms. The disaster recovery upgrade is simple to configure, and can be turned on and off as needed.

There are four key pillars that support the upgrade:

Discovery & Reporting: In the event of a natural disaster, Nrby can now help any customer quickly document (including photos and video) any issues during initial ride outs, and continue to monitor until all issues are resolved.

Safety: The Nrby platform’s ability to “SmartFence” hazards or dangerous locations allows its customers to enable proximity alerts and check-in monitors, which keep everyone involved in the restoration aware and safe while in the field.

Messaging: The Nrby platform now helps its customer keep everyone, from those in the war room to field technicians and third parties (see below) connected, aware of the situation and acting on the same page. This level of communication ultimately expedites service restoration.

Third Parties: Nrby customers can now quickly enable and share information with third parties, including emergency responders, so that every entity involved is aware of the situation and is acting on the same page. Only the SmartPins defined by the customer are shared between third parties, creating a tighter group focus and delivering faster results.

“Nrby ensures everyone involved is immediately focused on the recovery effort,” says Miller. “When the recovery mission is complete it is now easier to return to business as usual because the Nrby platform automatically saves the recovery event’s data, including photos, so the data is never lost or misplaced.”

Broadband service and utility providers, such as WOW! and National Grid, currently leverage the Nrby mobile messaging platform for a range of workforce related use cases, including plant and proactive maintenance, fixed asset management, wire down, crowdsourcing and safety.