DARTMOUTH, Canada (Nov. 15, 2021) – Moog Focal, an internationally recognized ocean technology company based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, is undertaking further expansion into the renewable energy sector. As a result, the company is hiring to fill different roles that will support their expected growth in renewable energy and other business areas.

Moog is relocating the production of a specialized slip ring line designed for aftermarket wind turbines, from the United States to Dartmouth, as part of the company’s latest expansion into the wind turbine segment. Moog Focal is currently ramping up operations and has started the hiring process to grow production capabilities, with full production expected to be reached by late 2021. The integration of aftermarket wind energy slip rings to Moog Focal’s existing solutions allows the company to provide customers with additional support across a wider range of maritime applications, including offshore wind turbines.

“A key factor in our success is our strategy of working closely with our customers, creating customized and innovative solutions that meet their specific needs,” says Shawn Taylor, General Manager of Moog Focal. “The move of this slip ring technology to Canada is a great fit for Moog and for the team in Dartmouth.”

“We have successfully demonstrated we can compete in the global wind energy market, so it makes sense to leverage the great team and capabilities we have and apply it to the wind energy aftermarket. Not only does it deepen the technology portfolio we provide our customers, but given our heritage in providing robust solutions to the marine segment, this move also positions us to provide tremendous value to the growing offshore wind market.”

Moog Focal’s continued expansion into the renewable energy market also adds a positive impact on the Canadian economy, by promoting an increase in local job opportunities and commerce in the area.

Taylor adds, “we maintain a supply chain that is more than 90% local, providing the flexibility to adapt each solution to our customers’ specific requirements. Our supply chain has strong ties in the local area in Nova Scotia and includes key suppliers in Quebec and Ontario. Moog Focal is working with Invest in Canada (Canada’s national investment agency) to promote awareness of Moog Focal and help the company identify local government funding opportunities, support future expansion, and as a result, drive local career opportunities.”

“Moog is an exciting place to work,” Taylor explained, “working at Moog Focal provides an opportunity to work with interesting and innovative technology and applications. The work environment is highly collaborative, and employees can feel proud of the contributions they make to the team.”