The Coal Handling Training Series is the most comprehensive e-learning solution dedicated to providing best practices for working with coal.  Personnel have access to 20 cutting-edge e-learning modules spanning critical skill and knowledge areas like preparation, maintenance, transport, storage and safety.  Each course includes high-quality video of actual demonstrations from the filed and applies the latest interactive instructional design methods to maximize learning.

Learners are asked to interact with animations and graphical representations of coal yards and equipment components, increasing engagement, retention and results.  All modules are compliant with SCORM 1.2 and ADA 508© standards and can be used as part of a blended learning approach, with materials available to support instructor-led training.

Titles Include:

Auxiliary Equipment    Dust Control Equipment I
Ash Handling     Dust Control Equipment II
Bulldozers     Railyard Operations
Barge Unloading    Stackers
Car Dumpers     Trippers
Coal Handling Overview I   Control Equipment
Coal Handling Overview II   Coal Preparation Equipment
Coal Handling Overview III   Coal Yard Maintenance
Conveyors     Dust Control
Coal Pile Management    Handling Wet and Frozen Coal

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