The North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) CIP Security Standard was designed to help organizations protect their critical cyber assets.  This includes bulk electric system assets, as well as other essential information systems.

Compliance with security standards, such as those prescribed in the NERC CIP-002 through
CIP-009 can be challenging for any organization.

Global Training Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of the NERC CIP Information Security E-Learning Series, an interactive, self-paced fully customized training program that helps organizations comply with CIP requirements.  The series is based on open web standards, SCORM compliance and advanced technical concepts.

Now, System Operators can earn a fraction of their Continuing Education Credit Hours (CEHs) NERC requirements with the NERC CIP Information Security E-learning Program.

The primary objective of this education series is to present contemporary security content in a new and exciting way.  The courses are NOT merely a PowerPoint slide show on the web.  It is a true learning experience that incorporates text, voice, video, animation, simulation, interactive sessions, testing and reporting.

The NERC CIP Information Security E-Learning Series is a complete awareness and training program that promotes, maintains and reinforces critical security principles.  The program incorporates not only training, but also a variety of other security awareness aides such as posters, calendars, brochures, newsletters and e-mail tips.

Features include:

– CEH accreditation for System Operators
– Fully customizable to include your logo, policies, processes, procedures and links to internal and external documents
– AICC, SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 Compliant
– Maintenance, Update and Support Program
– Courses are hosted on our LMS or self-hosted on your internal LMS
– Customization support available

Courses Available:


NERC CIP Standard CIP-004-1 R2 requires that personnel having authorized cyber access or unescorted physical access to critical cyber assets must have annual cyber security training that addresses policies, access controls, and procedures appropriate to personnel roles and responsibilities. This training includes the proper use of Critical Cyber Assets, physical and electronic access controls to Critical Cyber Assets, proper handling of Critical Cyber Asset information, and action plans and procedures to recover or re-establish Critical Cyber Assets and access thereto following a Cyber Security Incident.


A comprehensive overview of NERC CIP Standards 001 – 009.

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